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The Endpoints area accepts a list of URLs (one per line) that return a JSON-stat dataset or bundle. For example, datasets (JSON-stat v.2.0):

https://json-stat.org/samples/oecd.json https://json-stat.org/samples/canada.json https://json-stat.org/samples/galicia.json

Bundles (JSON-stat v.1.0):

https://data.ssb.no/api/v0/dataset/1086.json?lang=en https://api.statbank.dk/v1/data/PRIS112/JSONSTAT?lang=en&valuePresentation=Default&HOVED=*&Tid=*

SDMX-JSON (flat format) is also supported. For example:


Whenever possible use https URLs. If some dataset provider does not support https, then use the insecure version of this service: for security reasons, the secure version of this converter cannot access unsecure content.

The POST method is also supported using the reserved word post. Example:

post https://api.scb.se/OV0104/v1/doris/en/ssd/START/PR/PR0101/PR0101A/KPIFastM2 {"query": [], "response": {"format": "json-stat2"}}

By default, CSVs are named taking into account the position of the endpoint in the list. You can provide your own name with the reserved text name:. Example:

name:canada https://json-stat.org/samples/canada.json name:sweden post https://api.scb.se/OV0104/v1/doris/en/ssd/START/PR/PR0101/PR0101A/KPIFastM2 {"query": [], "response": {"format": "json-stat2"}}

In the previous example, two files will be created: canada.csv and sweden.csv. File names cannot contain white spaces. Additionally, your operating system and browser can have its own requirements for file names.

Unneeded white spaces are ignored. Besides, lines that do not begin with a reserved word or a URL will be ignored. This example will work correctly:

//Norwegian Example https://data.ssb.no/api/v0/dataset/1086.json?lang=en //Named Example name:canada https://json-stat.org/samples/canada.json //POST Example post https://api.scb.se/OV0104/v1/doris/en/ssd/START/PR/PR0101/PR0101A/KPIFastM2 {"query": [], "response": {"format": "json-stat2"}}

Or this:

*** Norwegian Example *** https://data.ssb.no/api/v0/dataset/1086.json?lang=en *** Named Example *** name:canada https://json-stat.org/samples/canada.json *** POST Example *** post https://api.scb.se/OV0104/v1/doris/en/ssd/START/PR/PR0101/PR0101A/KPIFastM2 {"query": [], "response": {"format": "json-stat2"}}

Or even this:

Eurostat SDG1 People at risk of poverty or social exclusion name:sdg1 https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/wdds/rest/data/v2.1/json/en/sdg_01_10?lastTimePeriod=3&geo=EU27_2020&unit=PC SDG2 Obesity rate by body mass index name:sdg2 https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/wdds/rest/data/v2.1/json/en/sdg_02_10?lastTimePeriod=3&geo=EU27_2020 PENDING SDG3-17 OECD PENDING SDG1-17

The auto-download option may not be supported by some (mobile) devices/browsers.